February 16, 2015

I feel like the title of this post is a little deceptive. It actually not MY granny who gave me this as a gift but my best friend Hayley's Granny. How cute is that! Last week I sent Hayley home with a big wedge of my White chocolate and raspberry cake which she took over to her Granny's and she loved it that much she sent me this gorgeous jar of Red Tomato, celery and Onion Chutney and even asked for the cake recipe! 

I honestly feel honoured because this Lady is an amazing baker and cook and basically a general domestic goddess. I really hope when I'm older I will be as creative as her! I can't wait to sit down with some crackers and soft cheese and a nice cup of tea.

Homemade gifts are so wonderful. It means so much that someone would give me a gift that took them time and effort to make and I will be definitely asking for some of Granny's recipes for here on the blog!

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